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Each time a new experience, vision or remote viewing takes place I try to make notes on it as soon as possible, usually the next morning.  Then I try to write about it when I have had time to go over the incident in my mind and do some analysis of what I think took place.  I used to moan and groan when something like this would happen but I have decided to treat it as a scientific experiment being done by an objective researcher.  A writer once mentioned the fact that while he was in the bed at night he would feel a small creature walking on his bed but he could see nothing there.  I can verify that such things have happened.  When I worked at the ABO I was usually wide awake but was at times fighting sleepiness.  I certainly don't have the medical or scientific training to filter all information taking these  elements into consideration.  Its possible that the very presence of an alien entity could trigger many physical / mental reactions in any human.  Good knowledge of the physical condition of your own body and mind can be very valuable but one still can not regulate all physical / mental reactions at the time of the incident.  I still think it is wise for all experiencers to write down the experience the way it seemed to happen and keep it on file for future consideration.  After careful consideration I can only believe that the things I have seen in the prison yard or anywhere else were really taking place.  There is a posibility that some of them may have been holograms or alien induced illusions but it is still a part of the alien UFO phenomena and should be included in consideration of what they can do.  The trustworthy camera is still a very credible witness as its product can be analyzed over and over again.  At times the camera records things that are different from what I was seeing at the time the photo was taken.  It is a well known fact that in many UFO photos the UFO was not visible when the photo was taken but showed up in the photo itself.   

June 1970, Alien Mothership
I can easily remember the year.  I had just returned from a High School reunion in my hometown of Eastland, Texas.  At the time I was living near Fort Worth, Texas and had been there for a few years.  I had a small house at 1725 Lawther Dr. in the suburb of River Oaks.  My house was on a hill about five miles east of Carswell Air Force Base.  That was before Bill Clinton shut down many of our stateside bases so he could send more of our tax dollars to be spent in foreign countries.  Anyway, Carswell Air Force Base was fully functional and an important financial resource to the local area.  General Dynamics, Lake Worth and White Settlement surrounded Carswell Air Force Base.  After my family and I returned home from the reunion my wife and two sons were sleepy and ready for an early afternoon nap.  This was June and the weather was really sweet that day.  As my family napped I was answering a call from nature and thinking about the flying lessions I had been taking.  I looked out of the open window to watch the huge fluffy clouds go slowly floating by.  The front of my house faced East the back was to the West.  I was looking out the window to the Southwest when a flash of something from the Northwest caused me to turn my head just in time to see the Mothership.  It was less than one mile in that direction and at a very low altitude.  It could not have been more than a few hundred feet above ground level at that point.  It was coming from the area of Carswell Air Force Base but a large portion of the Mothership was already burried in a huge cloud to the front of the craft.  It was moving slowly Eastward and into the cloud.  I watched and tried to mentally record as much as I could about the appearance of the craft.  (NOTE: It the craft continued East it would have had an excellent view of Meachem International Airport and the area of Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport.  I'm not sure what year DFW was operational.)  

All this time I was wondering what it was.  I had served in the Air Force and knew aircraft.  This was something that I had never even heard rumored, even in Top Secret data.  Finally it was totaly enveloped by the cloud.  I had not heard any engines of any kind and I was wondering, even then, about power source.  As it was covered by the cloud I could see the swirling of the cloud near the end of the ship indicating the movement of air as this large object moved into its cover.  By the time I could get outside of the front door there were several huge clouds in the area and I could not tell one cloud from another.  When I first started looking at the Mothership this is what I saw.  That the front was already into the cloud cover, but the portion that I could see had to be at least 70 to 100 yards long.  The entire ship looked to be made of a very shiny one piece of metal.  It looked as if someone had taken a tremendous sized chunk of metal and shaped the outside, then cut the portals, then cleared out the space on the inside for the instruments, equipment and crew.  Thus the exterior surface was (with the exception of the portals) one solid piece of metal and would withstand tremendous stress.  There were three huge round portals on the side that I could view.  They were dark as if they were made to keep out the light.  Each portal was surounded by huge, thick frame work and each circular frame had four (placed at top, bottom & on each side) pieces of U shaped thick metal going over the frame with the head of what must have been a huge bolt showing (one each at all four positions) fastening all of this to the body of the craft.  Each of the portals dark area was surely more than twenty or thirty feet in diameter.  There was about twenty feet between each portal (and several feet from the top & bottom to the curveing outline of the body) and after the last portal the ship body narrowed slowly and came to a small rounded end.  The ship was near enough and large enough that I could see what looked like buff marks from a huge buffing wheel on the bright metalic surface of the ship.  The afternoon sun was to the west, behind and to the south of the ship and I could see shadows showing the thickness of the framework around the portals.  Each piece of framework had to be more than a foot thick. 
In those days there was no internet and one computer used most of the space in a large room.  There were no digital cameras and public libraries carried no information about UFOs and anybody who talked about seeing one was considered to be mentally unstable.  Some things never change.

Years later when I was attending a law enforcement academy in Columbia, MO and one of our instructors was an FBI agent who said his hobby was UFOs and he would like to hear any experiences any class members had to relate.  There were a couple.  When I told him about the one I had seen and drew a picture he mocked me and said that couldn't be, because the ship was not streamlined due to the large frame around the portals.  I wanted to tell him that it wasn't an AIRplane, it was a SPACE CRAFT.  It did not need to be built to reduce friction as it would not need to attain high speed to get into space where it would not encounter much friction.  But I kept that comment to myself. 
I am like so many others out there.  All of these years I have searched the magazines looking for a picture of that particular type of Mothership.  Never did I have any idea that some day I would get so much real exposure to the aliens and some of their craft.  I have always wondered about the true motivation of that FBI agent.  I think they already know more than they will ever admit. 

The area of the 1970 Mothership sighting (Click)
Carswell AirForce Base in Lower Left Corner-Mecham International Airport upper right

Is this the fulfillment of Revelations? 

For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of our Lord's return.  Men will be worshipers of their own self and filled with hatred for God's goodness.

"I consider it both an honor and an insult that I have been murdered by the insane killers who are currently running the United States Government.  They knew I told the truth.  They knew I couldn't be bought.  They knew I wouldn't bend.  They knew I wouldn't break.  They knew it was easier to murder my reputation first, then murder me and walk away and no one would care." Gil McDonald, Sr.


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