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PAGE 15 - THE ALIEN PSYCHE 2 - Resistance to Mind Control
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If anyone knows for sure, the answer to these questions, they are not willing to share with the rest of us.  Most people figure the U.S. gov. probably knows but doesn't want to tell us.  That is a bad indicator.  The rest of us just have to go on theory, guess work and our hopes for the future of this planet and its people. 
Like a thistle blowing in the solar wind they have come to this solar system and decided on the planet with the most resources.  I have watched them.  I have seen them transporting their creatures in and out, mostly in.  I have watched their Royal Family supervising their progress here and testing their abilites.  They can do some beautiful and wonderful things.  My early thoughts were of the miracle working help they could provide for the sick that we don't have any way to help.  The crippled, the cancerous, the children who need to live and the children that the rest of us need to live, those who will find the cures for so many sicknesses that we consider incurable.  Those who need new brain cells, heart cell repair, so many others.  Even if they could just get inside of the human body and make an examination and a diagnosis.  How wonderful that would be.
I have no idea when I had my first contact with these creatures.  I am sure that they have been working here for many decades, maybe even centuries.  In the early sixties I was stationed in Simbach, Germany and one morning wrote the poem "Mad Universe".  It is quite possible that poem was inspired by spending the previous night somewhere in the Cosmos observing all the great sights the poem describes many decades prior to any Hubble telescope photographs.  That may not have been my first contact but it is most likely an early contact.
I realize that many of the things that I have observed and found in my photos will be instantainously rejected by many minds simply because they find it to be unblievable.  If researchers allowed their research to be blocked by the unblievable (or an overcontrolling government) we would still be living in a primitive era without modern technology and the inventor of the phone, light bulb, etc. would all be imprisoned or burned at the stake for witchcraft.  What is impossible and unblievable today is tomorrow's technology.  I have seen some of the GHG expressing emotions like laughter, happiness, amazement, sadness, etc.  I have also seen them being worked on like they were a piece of machinery.  In contrast I have never seen the Grays show any kind of emotion but they are quite skilled at controlling human emotions.  Why are they here?  I can only go by the things I have seen and the experiences I have had with them.  They are taking food, servants and lab experimental material, all of which include humans.  There are many people who believe the aliens are only good and only here to make this life so much better for us.  These humans would gladly jump into their ship and fly away into whatever end result the aliens want to place them. 
I am sure they are recording the results of their research with humans and the other creatures on this planet.  Maybe it is being reported and analyzed or perhaps it is being inserted into many billions upon billions of pieces of information never to be useful to anything.  Many seem to think their prime directive is non-interference.  I don't believe that because it is very obvious that they are interfering.  I believe their prime directive is don't let the humans catch you doing anything they don't like. Can we defend ourselves against them?  We can defend ourselves against the massive power of the ocean ... as long as it stays within it boundaries.  If we venture into its boundaries or for any reason it flows outside of those boundaries it has complete control over us and our way of life ... and that is the power of water.  In many ways it is the sky above us that gives us life.  We can enjoy this as long as the sky stays within its boundaries.  We can venture into the sky and it has complete control over us.  When the sky is in turmoil it has complete control over us and our way of life ... and that is the power of the air.  When the sky above us is not structered correctly the sun of our solar system can burn us all to a crisp and we have very little control over that.  Can we defend ourselves against the aliens?  Yes, as long as they stay within certain restrictive boundaries.  Even now they take some things and don't return them, never asking, never telling, never accounting for those items or lives that they take away.  If they want to take something from us that we arn't willing to give, and that includes just about everything they are already taking, it should not take them long to figure out how to exceede any restrictring boundaries.  They do have both large and small weapons.  I have seen them but know so little about their abilities that I can not comment any further.  Why are they here?  They have weapons, it seems they operate mostly at night and they try to stay hidden.  After all these years they have not declared themselves as friend or foe.  They are here ... for us ... for the planets other animals and plant life ... for our atmosphere ... for our planet ... for our future ... for good or bad ... they are here.  There are so many people who don't believe or just don't care and that is why they are here. 
To be continued:. 

The MIND CONTROL of the General Public:
For more than a year I published notes on this website concerning the harassment that I was receiving after I first published this information.  (I didn't know it at the time but I was being GANG STALKED)  When I had contact with agents I would give them my website address with the hope that they would at least read the information here to find out the truth.  Most of them were never told the truth by their co-stalkers, but were just told what they were to do and what they were to tell the general public to destroy the target's credibility.    
I eventually came to the understanding that they were not conducting an investigation but continuing their campaign of Mind Control and Destruction of Credibility.  In the 40s and since they work to convince the general public that anyone who has real UFO information is a homosexual and / or communist.  Those names don't even raise an eyebrow anymore so they are using a new name and it has trained the general public to feel hatred at the very mention of the word.  One thing that they really like to do is make porn movies of you.  They desguise an actor / actress to look like you, attach a tracking device to your vehicles, a tap on your phone / computers and when your home is empty for a few hours their movie crew goes to work with a camera that looks like yours and their professional porn actors / actresses  that look way too young (except for the one that looks like you) for you to get that personal with.  Any person that is kicked into that name pool will be hated and harassed for the rest of their life by the mind controlled public.  Its all done with your tax dollars and your local law enforcement taking an active part and giving them all the back up they need.  When I realized that they were driving a mind control campaign to destroy me I decided that I would no longer publish notes on the effect that their mind control-destruction (stalking) efforts were having on me but even that means they are using mind control on me.  Evidently they have concluded that the best way to control the distribution of UFO information is to destroy the credibility of the information giver and use mind control on the general public to destroy the individual.  Their work here could certainly not be classified as an investigation but their efforts at Mind Control have fallen down to the low level of the spreading of sick lies to the general public and the vandelism of my property.  All a part of the gov. developed gang stalking technique.  I am also convinced that the 'Patriot Act' has been used against honest American Citizens.  If the target of their campaign commits suicide or gets suicided (as has happened to some UFO researchers), or gets murdered by some recuited 'wacko', then the manipulators don't consider that to be much of a loss from their point of view.  A neighboring county had a new sheriff suicided because he would not agree to this type of gov. crime being commited in his county.  Strangely enough, the feds never catch the person that pulled the trigger, or drove the killing vehicle.  Their main job is to maintain control of the masses.  The objective of the Mind Control program is to control the general public and totally discredit any information that the feds do not want the general public to have. 
The ugly truth is that some of these UFOs and some of these Aliens are dangerous to the general public but anyone who survives their abduction and torture is forced to 'shutup' by the public pressure which is the result of the mind control program.  Airline pilots can not report a UFO sighting because their employer will judge them mentally unstable and they will lose their job.  Any movie star or TV star can not report a UFO or the public will judge that person to be a 'Wacko' and they will loose their audience and their income.  This is all because of the mind control program. 
This is a subject where the general public desperately needs an education.  I believe that the time will come when all of these UFOs and aliens and their buildings will become visible to all humans at least for a short period of time.  I have video taped more than 20 different UFOs in a total of 132 minutes of filming.  That is an average of at least one UFO (and some of those consisted of a train of several UFOs) almost every seven minutes of film time and all of that filming was done at only two locations in one city.  When the general public finally see these alien ships, and the tremendous number of these creatures that are here, many people will loose their minds with fear.  If a lot of people disappeared from the surface of the earth in a short period of time what would the people left here say about that?  Well, they were raptured of course.  Duh!!  Many people think that the tribulation mentioned in the Bible book of Revelations will not affect them.  Think of this:  If only 50 pecent of the world's population was not able to go to work for a period of five months would that affect you?  Everything will shut down.  No money, no working banks, no food, no utilities, no products being sold in stores and they will close their doors, no protection from criminals, and on and on and on.  It is a sure thing that it definitely will affect you.  All people on this planet will return to the basic struggle for survival.  Don't count on anything like the rapture taking place prior to the tribulation. 
The general concensus is that our government has only been able to develop one weapon that will work against the UFOs and aliens and that is the microwave weapon that must be mounted on a large truck or train car and even with that they can't hit what they can't see.  Not only can we normally not see these UFOs but they usually don't even show up on radar.  However, some military people say that back in the 70's some military instruments have measured their speed at anywhere from a few thousand MPH to as much as 46,000 MPH.  Ref: "VISITORS FROM TIME" by Mark Davenport, who had terminal cancer and passed away in early 2008.  When you see the flight path of these UFOs you will realize that they could only be targeted for a fraction of a second and our weapons probably could not damage it within such a short time element.   Also, these creatures and their technology are very adaptable and I am sure that it will only be a short time until they no longer show up on infrared video.  If one of these ships were to fly within a few thousand yards at the speed of 5,000+ MPH the human eye would only see it as a flash of light.   
Many things are used to try to distract us from the UFO phenomena.  If we don't educate ourselves in this UFO matter we could all be canon fodder.  But we need knowledge and information to survive this UFO situation.  The gov. can't control them but they have developed programs that control humans and they could destroy most of us just to try to save themselves.  This 'Fly Now, Pay Later' program won't work.  If I can gather this much UFO information and evidence as a hobby then you can bet your entire bank account that the powers that are in charge already have tons more information on this subject than the internet can provide.  I am continually amused by these simple minded dolts that continually publish announcements that the gov. is going to tell us that UFOs are real and are here.  Yah, Right.  The next gov. announcement will be to inform the 50% of the world population that have been selected to go aboard the alien ships to be processed for travel to new planets that are a real paradise.  The part they don't tell is that after being processed they will be used as slaves, lab experimentation and protein supplements.  That is the way to get to paradise.   
I am not the only researcher to be subjected to mind control efforts (GANG STALKING).  Visit the website of Leah Haley and listen to her interview as she discusses some of her experience with and information on the planetary mind control effort.  Locate the net site of Ann Druffel and hear her discuss her book 'Firestorm' and the mysterious death (murder or suicide) of UFO researcher, Dr. James E. McDonald, who was a government employe.  Some say that he was suicided. 
One final VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must PROTECT YOUR COMPUTERs from being accessed by anyone other than you and / or your very well known and trusted members of your inner circle.  Any computer repair person can totally destroy you and any good work that you have been able to do during your entire lifetime.  Do not trust them or any unknown person with your computer. 


Is this the fulfillment of Revelations? 

For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of our Lord's return.  Men will be worshipers of their own self and filled with hatred for God's goodness.

"I consider it both an honor and an insult that I have been murdered by the insane killers who are currently running the United States Government.  They knew I told the truth.  They knew I couldn't be bought.  They knew I wouldn't bend.  They knew I wouldn't break.  They knew it was easier to murder my reputation first, then murder me and walk away and no one would care." Gil McDonald, Sr.


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