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UFO above moving co. storage on Capitol Ave.
Three blocks from State Capitol Bldg.

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{As you read these articles please remember that this is the type of thing that happens to some who have had contact with these UFO creatures.  It is not a sign of mental instability.  It is the attempt of a few courageous people who want to let the rest of this world know what to expect as this phenomena becomes more pronounced throughout our planet and probably our entire Universe.  It is our hope that you will remember and when you have a need for this information that you will use it wisely.} Gil, Sr.

{I want to refer to a few lines from the Epilogue of the book "ALIENATED" by Jeanne Marie Robinson:}


By Jeannie Marie Robinson
"These strange beings appear to thrive on secrecy (as does our own government).  I have discovered that the aliens have very advanced technological abilities.  They can make persons, places, and things appear and disappear as if by magic.  At times they can control our thoughts and cause our bodies to respond in any way that suits their needs."  The book "Alienated" can be purchased from Greenleaf Publications, Murfreesboro, Tenneessee, 37133. 
Greenleaf Publications can be located on the internet. 
Here is a new twist on some investigations:   There is no longer any confidentiality between any Dr. - patient / lawyer - client as far as having any privacy.  Can  an  'Alien Abduction' VICTIM'  be considered to be the same danger to society as a real 'terrorist'??  
Elimination of Targeted Individuals and gov. Gangstalking 
In March of 2007 there was the instance where injection #1 was to be for tetnus and injection #2 was to contain pneumonia prevention in preparation for surgery.  The fake Dr. ask me three times what kind of work I did.  The first two times I told him I was retired.  When he ask me the third time I told him I did UFO research and he acted like that was some kind of code word and then he gave me the injections.  The first injection was a combination of an off color white, murky fluid and a black fluid that appeared to be diseased blood cells (Possibly Diamond Black Blood Anemia - which destroys the bone marrow or HIV diseased blood cells).  Injection #2 was to be for pneumonia prevention during and after surgery was from three seperate syringes held together in a frame to form a tool that could be used about the same as one syringe.  One of those three syringes had various shades of light pink, light tan and silver / grey fluid (live cancer cells. or HIV Diseased Human Flesh which had been liquified) while the other two seperate barrels of the syringe had a transparent light blue-green colored fluid.  The fake Dr. (gov. agent / Capt. John King a resident of Dee Woods RD. in Ashland, Missouri where he resides with a transvestite using the name of Matt Music)  was trying to cover up the light pink fluid section and had it injected into the inside of the upper left arm before I had figured out what was going on.  The capt. was standing in a position to my right where he could, if necessary, forcefully grab and hold me with his left arm while using his right arm to make the injection on the inside of my left arm.  The light pink fluid (liquified RAW [human!] flesh and other body fluids in the syringes) cause this to be classified as biological / germ warfare by a gov. agency against its own citizens.  America is involved in a civil war where the gov is murdering the citizens and the population of this country does not even know we are involved in this war.  In addition to manufacturing their own evidence and prostituting their own employees in their porn videos, these gov. agents think they have a "License to Kill".  Two days after the experience of receiving the biological injections from the fake Dr. (gov. agent) I was in the hospital hallway when I saw the real Dr. (with name tag) that I was supposed to have had the appointment with and there was not even a close resemblance between the real Dr. and the fake Dr. (Capt. King),  As the real Dr. approached my position in the hallway and saw me reading his name tag I heard him say, "UhOh" and he turned aside into the closest hallway leading away from there.  Within two weeks of those injections I had a severe dizzy spell.  Thankfully I was at home and spent a half day in the bed waiting for the dizziness to pass.  I had never had anything like that before.  During the next two months I had two light strokes that caused a weakness in my legs and later my heart would go into a fibrillation rythm and then stop for a few seconds and then start again.  In one evening it did that five times in less than twenty minutes.  And the next morning my heart did that two more times.  Each time the heart would stop and the pain would begin to get worse, then the heart would start again.  I didn't go to the Dr. because I now know that they can't be trusted to treat me in my own best interest.  Several months later I described this to a (gov. agent) who was pretending to be the Dr. that has been my family Dr. for a number of years and he laughed and said "O, I think I know what did that but I can't say." "CAN'T SAY!!!"  HE IS PRETENDING TO BE MY DR. AND HE CAN'T SAY.  If I explode in his face they would arrest me.  They constantly try to get me to turn violent so they can arrest me.
It was Nov. of 2008 when I had just completed a medical test that gave me the information I needed to figure out that the Capt., was trying to further discredit me and cause my eventual death with that injection.  The intent of the injection was to load my body with a biological weapon, a timed killer disease and the public was told three years prior to the injection that the target / patient was passing a disease to the general public.  
In November of 2008 I drove to a medical testing facility to get an anonymous test done.  I already knew that the Capt. kept tracking devices on my vehicles and when I walked in the door they were already receiving a phone call from the Captain, who  told them not to do the test on me.  They didn't.   All his agency needs to do is tell the public the individual / target has been ill ever since he first began to see and photograph UFOs.  I'm not sure how they explain away the photos but I'm sure they have developed some lie for the niave public. 
Everyone was told that the patient was sick and seeing things except the patient.  In the past few years several UFO researchers have died from some sort of fast acting cancer and many of us have wondered if there was a way that these deadly disease's could be injected into a person's body.  Apparently there is.  Many cancers are not fast acting but if they don't tell the victim until the last part of the final phase, it would certainly seem like it was fast acting.  That injection was in March of 2007 and I have seen at least three Doctors since that time.  I have seen at least two of them on numerous occasions and one of those (the cancer doctor) took a blood sample for a psa test everytime I saw him. 
I had a blood withdrawal for a PSA test in Dec. 2008.  The withdrawal spilled three drops of blood on my forearm.  The blood was black.  After being exposed to oxygen the blood drops were still black.  The nurse making the withdrawal acted like she was shocked.  I ask her why the blood was black but she would not answer.  I ask her to have the Dr. call me but he never did.  (Six months later he told me it must be due to poor circulation?)  Other medical personel have indicated that they know at least a part of what is going on but not one of them ever said anything about it.  If anything they tried to keep me from seeing the test or the results.
I received my cancer diagnosis (AdenoCarcinoma) on May 11, 2007.  Is it real?  I will never know if it was real or just a part of the gov. overall plan for this exterminate with extreme prejudice.  Can I trust the Drs.?  There was no choice.  They put me in a high risk category. This was my main reason for thinking that the Captain, had injected me with cancer cells. 
I received my first implant on May 23, 2007.  It is supposed to be medication (female hormones) but I can only wonder if it also contains a chip to pinpoint my location for the rest of my life.  It was a large needle.  The injection felt like a serious wasp sting for more than an hour.    I completed a triple dose of Casodex (a massive dose of sterilization drugs) and my radiation treatments around 11-5-07.  I received my second & final (hormone) implant on 11-19-07.  It was a small needle and there was almost no pain.  I wonder why the difference?  There was a time when hormone theraphy and sterilization theraphy were being used experimentally to fight cancer but it was discarded many years before I was diagnosed because it was found to be ineffective.  The current use of these therapys match with the gov. plan to weaken men to lessen the resistance to any gov. dictatorship of this country while the gov. moves America into oblivion by submitting us to membership in the New World Order. 
Due to the harrassing treatment that I am currently receiving I can verify that UFO research is a dangerous business.  One thing that I want to emphasize here is that I am not receiving this type of  attention because I observed and publicly reported on a UFO --- but because I have photographed more than 100 UFOs and discovered and publicly reported the location of a UFO Base of Operations in Jefferson City, Missouri, which is a State Capital that is within  300 miles of an approximate center of this Nation along with on site UFO photos and a video of more than 20 UFOs at the rate of one every seven minutes.  The publishing of this information on the Alien Base of Operations has put me in a very unfavorable light .  The word 'unfavorable' is to put it mildly.    In the sixties, fifties and late forties any unaurthorized civilian who had valid information on UFOs was called by the gov. either a homosexual or a communist or both to tell all citizens that the person was not trustworthy.  The gov. agents would even set up compromising situations (even if they had to drug the target) to photograph the subject in the nude and distribute the photos to employers, spouses, pastors and other social and business connections.   Today these tactics are identified as Terrorist Techniques, Criminal Conspiracies and Hate Speech but they are still used by our gov. agencies, because they still work.  This agency will even use their own employees as PROSTITUTES  /  actors that are disquised to look like the target individual and / or (fake) victims for the purpose of making porn videos to be distributed to the public.  
Today they have even uglier names (insane, homosexual, terrorist, pedophile, etc.) that they call people with quality UFO information and they have internet distribution for their fake videos and their false accusations.  Even using their fake photos and videos they lie to the public and tell them that it is the real thing when they know the porn photos and videos were manufactured by using gov. agents who work for them.  They have even hired midgets to act in these videos.  Then they were edited and presented to the public under false pretense.    The agents even manage to get into the targets home when it is not occupied (They are notified by the vehicle tracking device each time I leave and where I go) and they will film some of their pornographic fake videos in the home of the target to make it look more authentic.  All of this combined will cause the target to suffer loss of job, loss of marriage and isolation.  People have been told if they are seen associating with the target they might be thought to be assisting him and targeted for the same treatment.  At times this could cause some people the loss of their sanity. A few years ago one of their local targets did have a mental breakdown and killed a female police officer who had stopped him for a broken tail light lens on his vehicle.  The people in charge of this program don't care if someone gets killed as long as it is not one of them.  All of this is your dollars at work and all of this is being done by an entity that says it isn't interested in the UFO phenomena because it doesn't pose a threat to National Security.  Wanna bet?
The cancer treatments seem to be effective and I believe I was in remission when in Oct. 08, I had an appointment with my family  Dr. whom I hadn't seen in more than 18 months.  He was represented by a gov. agent who questioned me about the cancer treatment results and then told me to lay on my left side and position myself so he could examine the area where the radiated seed implants had been located.  At that point he was behind me and I became alert and a little suspicious.  I felt him doing something in a nearby area and before I could ask him a question about it he was gone.  It may have been an injection, but since he was behind me, I didn't see any syringe and I had not been informed that I was going to receive an injection or the reason for an injection.  When I turned to look back towards him I saw his right hand  moving as if he had just capped something and I saw him put the object into the right pocket of his white coat.  I don't know for sure what it was.  But if it was an injection, it was very short and quick and had very little pain.  To this day I have no way of knowing what he was doing.  I can guess, and my guess would be that it was a booster for the deadly biological weapon that had been injected into my left arm seventeen months earlier.  I am sure that time will tell.    As of 11 - 2008 I am sure that the injection of liquidfied human flesh that was INJECTED into me by Captain King (while he illegally represented himself as Dr. Donald Delwood at Regional Hosp.  He used a syringe and hypodermic needle)  was their attempt to cause another deadly disease to develop in my body.  Their crimes are many.  Chief among them is a "Conspiracy to Commit Murder", and "The Illegal use of a Biological Weapon".  I have encountered this 'Captain King' on several occassions when he pretended to be a doctor and when he was communicating to a doctor of how he wanted them to handle a particular situation and I have dealt with him on several other occasions.  I have done a lot of study on this character and the research has shown that he is a full blown homosexual psychopath.  He is an extremely convincing liar / con-artist with a personality that is totaly charming and convincing yet he can murder a person and never feel any guilt.  He is an extremely clever and manipulative individual and very dangerous to all persons.  He operates without any oversite and has access to unlimited funds.  He is indirectly responsible for the murder of a local police woman and directly responsible for the murder of two males who were tortured to death in his presence and under his direction.  I have also found information that the Gov. now has the Masonic Lodge and even Churches taking an active part in this type of criminal harassment.  The common term used for this terroristic harassment is GANG STALKING.  Stalking is against the law but law enforcement agencies are extremely tollerant of this gang stalking technique even when it is directly responsible for the death of the target victim and even others who are not involved.  For more info. go to GANG STALKING WORLD.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY.  The spook (CIA) Gov. is telling these (ordinary citizens) gang stalkers that they are special operatives and using them to spy on and harass their neighbors.  That is the same line that was used by Hitler's SS troups.  COINTELPRO means Counter Intelligence Program(ing).  This was originally used to protect a free America from the Communist.  It is now being used to protect the Communist taking over from the once free Americans.  (UFOs are not the only thing happening in this country)  These targeted people are receiving the treatment the gov. gives to WHISTLEBLOWERS.  (See the article below from the internet site "Stop Covert War")  They destroy our credibility by controlling your minds.  They don't tell you the truth.  Their lies are the simplest, least costly method to control you into their programed mental prison.  This is the CIA mind control program being used by the Federal Threat Fusion Centers.   By using it in this manner they convince the general public to do everything the gov. tells them to do.  If they want to imprison 80% of the public all they will have to do is tell them to get on the bus and live in the concentration camp and those people will do it like a bunch of robots and seven days a week those people will be controlled and worked like a bunch of robots.   I don't doubt that a lot of those people who are taking part are being deceived by their gov. but it doesn't make any difference.  Some of them even act as if they have been hypmotized.  A "Conspiracy to commit Murder" and the use of a biological weapon are major crimes.   Is this more of their  mind control?  Is this more of their brain game?  Is this why tens of thousands of good healthy intelligent young people gave their life on the battlefield.  So 80% of the rest of us could be totally controlled until death do us part.  I am sure that many of you think I am trying to discourage you from talking about your UFO experience.  I want you to tell us all everything you can but I also want you to know what I have been subjected to for trying to inform you about the UFO base in Jefferson City, MO.  Obviously the gov. regards this as a very real problem.  So we should also realize that they look at us as a part of that very real problem. 

Excerpted From

"The War Against Whistle Blowers!"

"Protections prove inadequate as Managers continue to retaliate!

As corruption continues to grow in all sectors of our society, we can only blame ourselves for our continued reluctance to pass laws that adequately protect those brave souls who have put their lives and careers on the line to stand against greed, corruption, and outright disregard for the health and safety of the American public.

Whistle blowing results in disaster for those reporting the corruption. The whistle blower is tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. The victim will never be told what the charges are, will never be allowed to examine the evidence against against them, nor will he/she be allowed to confront their accusers. A secret campaign of stalking and harassment constructs for the victim a prison without visible walls. Exposing corruption is now a crime in our country and never goes unpunished.

Those honest folks who try to right a wrong often loose their jobs and are blacklisted for the remainder of their lives. Much of the time the victim is stalked and harassed in ways which cause them to appear paranoid. Their marriages often end in divorce due to the constant strain of being targeted. Friends and family members cannot understand why the victim will not "get help", and imply that the victim needs psychiatric care. Any business venture attempted will be sabotaged into bankruptcy. Finances are thus eroded to such an extent that the victim may become homeless.

The perpetrators of these crimes continue to follow the victim everywhere, spreading lies about the victim, so that the victim's character is so badly assassinated that the victim cannot build a new life. New acquaintances are scared away or induced to participate in the campaign against the victim. The victim may accidentally find employment for a period of time but is often harassed out of the job after only a few weeks. Bosses and co-workers are secretly brought "on line" to participate in the harassment and sabotage of work until the victim quits or is fired. This is how an intelligent, hard working, honest human being are pushed into the street and become homeless."

There is still the question as to what agency is conducting this operation.  Since I have become involved as a victim of this federal Gang Stalking I have interacted with agents from the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS-ICE, and others that I only knew as agents but I was not able to identify their specific agency until later.  After I saw what they were doing I was able to know them for what they are:  Goverment Agents who have gone from Protecting Americans to Terrorizing Americans.  I also know of some that are from local Sheriff and Police departments.  In the late part of 2010 I finally got the information that the Federal Threat Fusion Centers are the agencies carrying out the terroristic harrasment of American Citizens.  The Federal Threat Fusion Center is embeded in the Boone County Sheriff Dept. in Columbia, Missouri.  For more specific information on the Federal Threat Fusion Center   There are some great videos on interviews with people who run these centers and the dangerous potential it offers the dictator style of government.  Their current goal is to cause violent acts so the gov can claim an increase in Domestic Terrorism and increase laws to stiffle the last of American Freedom.  They have federalized local law enforcement so even if there were any decent cops left they couldn't do anything about it.  The local cops may think they are buying protection for themselves and their family.  NOT SO.  They may think, "It can't happen to me."  OH yes, it CAN and it WILL eventually.  I do know that a small number of responsible people in local law enforcement have stated that they would not take part in this, no matter how high the level of the directing agency.  Some of those responsible people have as a result been targeted and trusted the wrong people.  They have gathered with some they thought were friends and they have been drugged and later that night been arrested for DWI or DUI.  They were responsible citizens and as a result of the arrest they were forced to resign their jobs.  People who stand up for what is right must realize they have NO friends among the Federal Threat Fusion Center Gang Stalking group and very few anywhere else.  The Gang Stalking Threat Fusion Center has an almost unlimited budget and no federal oversight.  They are free to commit crimes from bullying to beatings to murder.  The low level non-agents are considered as the Gang Stalking / Bullying Group.  The expression "Two much information" seems to apply in the situation.  It is complicated but it seems that our gov. wants to keep the UFO / ALIEN presence a secret until they have completed the move into the NWO.  Then the sightings and the alien taking of humans for whatever purpose will probably become much more common.  Wake up America.  I am aware of what this 'Captain King' and his 'Looney Tunes Goones' want from me.  They want me to get angry and I have been angry many times.  And they want me to make a big bad mistake that will imprison me or kill me. 
Another incident involving Captain King.  I was working in front of my house (I live in the county / country / outside of city limits) and was trimming some tree limbs that had broken due to winter ice and were hanging over a short road that is on my property.  The Captain drove up in a car and told me he was my neighbor from up the road. His disguise wasn't very good and I knew he wasn't the neighbor he claimed, but I talked with him just to see where this would go.  During our casual conversation I noticed that he had some clothing hanging on a rod in the back seat area of the vehicle.  The one set of clothing that was in front of the others and the most visible was a military style dress uniform coat that looked to be a dark charcoal grey wool with captain's bars on the shoulders.  The bars were not the bright shiny nickel like you see on the military uniforms but these bars had a mixture of dark grey material mixed in with the nickel and it seriously muted the brightness of the bars.  So, was this a real uniform for the MIB or is this another one of their fake impressions???  Or is this the real uniform for the Federal Threat Fusion Center?  I didn't ask him any questions about this as I thought it may have been an unintentional mistake on his part.
More of the "Gang Stalking", "Black Ops" mind control, brain game.  The American public is also being victimized.  When the gov. has the situation right they can place the public under total control and the majority can be denied housing, food, proper clothing and other items that are necessary for survival. 
And now we are moving into the first part of 2010 and governments are putting cameras everywhere (even in your bedroom) and tracking devices with a remote control ignition cut off switch in all the vehicles and a trackable chip in every person and animal.  They want the ability to locate any person and keep track of any person's activites any time, day or night? They want to force citizens to take injections.  These are the same agents and operatives who are going among the public telling them that I am crazy.
They also want to see what information they can turn up on the alien's presence in the sky, in the streets and even in our own home, but they don't mention that to the public.  In the spring of 2010 the spooks started tampering with my food and  sabotaging any firearms and ammo to which I might have access. 
Suddenly we are almost into the summer of 2011.  The great killing of the Gulf of Mexico has taken place.  After the millions of barrels of oil flowed into the gulf they used aircraft to spray millions of gallons of Core-exit poison into the gulf waters and new deadly flesh eating diseases have been created.  People who lived in the desirable areas of the gulf coast are now dying of unknown disease.  No one can go into the water or eat any of the fish that managed to live long enough to be caught by fishermen.  Multiple millions of jobs have been shipped to Old Mexico and China putting almost 20 million people out of work.  The earthquake in Japan has unleashed deadly radiation worldwide and the island of Japan appears to be slowly sinking as the radiation has been carried across the Pacific Ocean to the Western coast of the United States.  In the middle of May 2011 the gov flooded millions of acres of farmland in the area of the New Madrid fault putting thousands more people out of work and homeless and we have not yet been able to see the Planet - X configeration that is on its way to rearange the surface of Planet Earth.
I try to stay home as much as possible to prevent these people from destroying more equipment, appliances, tools, etc. while I am gone.  When I do go to Columbia to buy groceries I usually recognize their vehicle when I pass it as I return to the house.  On May 12, 2011, I went to buy a few needed groceries and a BBQ grill.  Coming back to the house I passed their vehicle and it was a very long white van, large enough to haul 15 people and even long lumber.  I hadn't been in the attic in a couple of years and decided I had better check it.  When I did I found that these gov  agents had already  sabotaged that part of my home.  This house was new when I bought it. It is 20 years old now and paid for. I have inspected it carefully many times and it was correctly built. Now the gov agents are removing and rearranging important parts of the structure.  My guess is that this is part of Agenda 21.  I am spending my retirement trying to exist in spite of the damage they do anytime I leave the house.
SOME CONCLUSIONS: This UFO situation has been evolving for many years and now in the summer of 2011, police in Tennessee are stopping motorist for no reason and stealing huge sums of cash from those motorist. Police worldwide are savagely beating and killing people for no reason. Worldwide the law and the military is becoming a demonic beast. The United States has between 50,000 and 100,000 Russian Special Forces troops in the country and taking part in U.S. military/police actions as if they were in their home country.  Gov agents have entered my home while I was not present. They have done so illegally dozens of times to sabotage and do structeral damage to dozens of items of my property. They have tried to kill me with a bio-weapon and by trying to cause my home to collapse on me. The UFOs are being seen and filmed by thousands as they are abducting people to torture and/or butcher. Many abductees are never returned to earth. Many people have seen these UFOs and aliens as they move out of and into another dimension. Governments worldwide are plotting and scheming to destroy huge percentages of the human population.  A new thing in the Heavens is that many asteroids are passing closely by the area of planet Earth. Many people believe the lies of the alien demons and are constantly talking and writing about evolving into a new vibration / frequency and a new dimension and dismissing the bible and God as some sort of a fairy tale. There are laws against home gardens and farms.  There are wars and rumors of wars and great natural disasters taking place in numbers that were never before seen on this planet. satan and his servants are running rampant as a roaring lion and seeking to devour whomsoever he wants. Thousands of churches and their so called preachers have surrendered and hired out to serve on the gov Clergy Response Teams in these demonic times. Local law enforcement agencies have sold out and are now owned by the federal gov. Local schools and hospitals (Including teachers, doctors, dentist, nurses, etc.) are controlled by the demonic fed. gov. and spying on their patients.  Thousands of so called Christian churches are trying to blend in with the muselem religion as directed by their gov owners. Many families have seen members of their own family pervert their life with homosexuality and witchcraft. In the fall of 2012 and the winter and spring of 2013 life on planet Earth is going to get much worse for all concerned. Prepare now while you can. The end time prophicies are being fulfilled. 
2-28-07   Something disagreeable must have happened to me during the night dated above because when I woke that morning I found that my nightstand had four items knocked off of it onto the floor behind it and the three containers I had on the stand had been turned over spilling water and soda over the top of the nightstand and onto the wall behind the nightstand and then onto the floor. The liquid pattern on the wall showed that the glass of soda had been spilled with sufficient force to cause the liquid to hit the wall thirteen inches above the top of the nightstand. I am a light sleeper and the kind of noise that would make would have woke me.  I also hate to spill liquid on my furniture and I would have gotten up immediately to clean up the mess. Yet, I didn’t hear it and I didn’t wake and I have no memory of what might have happened. Not only is that perplexing but it is aggravating. I can only guess that it was the result of them taking me and bringing me back to the bed when they were through, but I don’t remember anything about it. Maybe later I will have some memory recall that will reveal to me what I saw while they had me. I did immediately notice the soreness of an internal bruise in my right jaw just in front of the ear. The bruise made it feel as if something might have been inserted in that area. There was no visible external bruise.

All that is needed for Evil to Triumph is for Good People to do Nothing.


Airborn UFOs over the old prison
Click to enlarge
Alien Face from the bottom of the Alien Cruiser -
on Page 4. - I have seen an Alien with a face very similar to this.

In 2009 a human / alien baby was born in Nepal with a face like this. As of July 1, 2011 a photo is located @
The eyes, nose and lips were exactly the same but flesh colored.  The authorites said the baby died 30 minutes after being born. Maybe! Or maybe its in a CIA lab learning what it can do.

For some reason I thought of the alien as a He.  He was enclosed in the upper back of a Grey Human Ghost Robot.  I had not previously thought of the GHG as a robot.  This robot was meant to resemble a human female.  It was about 20' tall and was being parked in what I saw as a two story building.  The upper half of this robot came thru the wall into a hallway and stopped about 30' from my location.  I assumed the bottom half of this robot was in the area below the hallway.  After stopping a door opened in the back (rectangular door waist to shoulder area) of the robot and an alien creature backed out of the door.  While the door was open I could see slightly inside and there were two large levers there as if they were part of this robot's machine operating system.  The creature took a couple of steps down and stood in the hallway facing me and watching me all the time.  He seemed from the time of his dismount to know that I was there but he was unsure if I could see him or what I might do.  I stayed still and watched.  He continued to back away from the robot with his eyes on me.  This brings up the possibility that his eyes are omni-directional and can see to the back or that he has another set of optic sensors perhaps on the back of the head.  As he backed away he walked across the hallway and toward an endtable with the back end toward me.  The table sat on 11" legs with a drawer on top of that contained in a rectangular box.  The back of this drawer box was about 11" x 17".  As the creature backed toward that area a portal began to form in the rear where the drawer was contained.  By the time he got to the portal it occupied the entire rear of the drawer / box area but it was much too small for the creature to walk into even though he was now getting smaller as he approached.  He sat in the opening of the portal and pulled his knees up under his chin area.  While his body stayed in the same position and location within the portal the rotating motion of the the portal moved him away, up to the right and out of sight. 

The creature was about three feet tall.  His face did not seem to move so that could have been some sort of protective mask / helmet that he wore.  He was wearing a gray beret on his head that was similar to what our Special Forces wear. He had two arms, a body and two legs which were covered by grey cameo coveralls.  The collar was up so I couldn't even see his neck.  His hands were covered by grey mittens just like the ones with which we are familiar.  His cameo grey pants legs were neatly bloused into his "lace up combat boots".  Our military people are familiar with the term "lace up combat boots" and that was what he had on his two feet, but I seemed to always be looking at them from the front.  I couldn't tell if there were any toes or any forward part of a foot similar to that of a human.  I think they were probably hoof shaped. The large blond robot floated to the area where artifical tree is positioned against the wall but the tree was not visible as there was a large portal in that area at the time. The robot floated into the portal and moved up the tunnel and out of sight.  

This incident seemed harmless.  The creature was simply going about it's business while I observed.  After the creature and the robot were out of sight the portals faded away and I noted that I could no longer see any alien activity.


Cloaked Small Alien ships
On the back side of the old prison - click to enlarge



More UFOs in the air above HU#3 - Hu#4 & HU#5
Inside the old prison -- Click to enlarge
More UFOs in the air over HU#3 - HU#4 - HU#5
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These are exciting times.
How long do I have?
For the JFK assasination the local cops were told to
"Stand Down".
On 9-11 the Military was told to
"Stand Down".
For lil' ol' me the cops and lawyers (and the doctors?) were told in 2005 to
"Stand Down".
The last time I was concious during an injection (in march of 2007) the gov. agent (pretending to be the doctor) injected me with three bio-weapons (raw body parts in liquid form including blood, liquified flesh and another body fluid) and it took me a while to realize what he had done because I had always trusted the doctors.  Obviously all of these liquid body parts contained serious disabeling and fatal disease. 
Never again can I trust a Dr.
Another incident with the Captain
The Captain was there.  From the parking lot I had seen him walking in a few minutes before I was due.  For the past few years I had been wearing no hair on my head or face and now I had let them both grow out and I think he must have felt that he needed to get at look so he could construct an artist concept to pass around to the various businesses that work with him in this destruction of credibility.  He was sitting in the waiting room and a few minutes later he was called in like he was a client.  He then was in the room next to me where he worked with my dentist to construct the artist drawing. 
 These crowns make nice housing units for a micro-tracking device or an RFID chip.  There are several UFO researchers on the run just trying to stay alive.  I am trying to be more careful than in the past.  Perhaps these public comments might help to survive a little longer. 
Mar. 1, 2010, Monday I had an appt. in Columbia, MO.  with my family doctor.  he is also taking a very active part in this gov. gang stalking process and has allowed others to represent him on several occasions.  If I complain about this switching they will deny it and use that to make me look mentally unstable and even if I only tell you about the gov. agents pretending to be the Doctor I am supposed to see, that is supposed to make you think that I am mentally unstable and destroy any credibility I might have with you.  Pay attention folks.  I'm telling you this because it could happen to you.  It might not be because of UFOs in your life but this can be done to you for any reason the gov. might want to take you down.  If you own guns you are a target.  If you go to church or join any kind of protest you are a target.  Even expressing your opinion in opposition to the gov. or its agents can make you a target.  Your life may be running very smooth right now but all these things are in your future and the future of those you love.  These physicans survive because we give them our full trust.  We put our life and the life of our loved ones in their hands and the very first time they betray that trust we know that we can never trust them again.  
Best wishes to all of you.
During the last part of 2010, I was able to get this Captain identified as to name, address and phone number.  Plus I also have id information on his major assistants.  I have shared this information with others in case I am eliminated or disabled.  I know for a fact that these individuals have committed numerous serious crimes including the use of bio-weapons to murder people.  They and their agency must be held responsible for the Americans that they have killed and maimed.

Is the old penitentiary in Jefferson City a secret base for ETs? Gil McDonald, Sr., a former guard at the prison, thinks so, and he told Derek Gilbert why.
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Is this the fulfillment of Revelations? 

For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of our Lord's return.  Men will be worshipers of their own self and filled with hatred for God's goodness.

"I consider it both an honor and an insult that I have been murdered by the insane killers who are currently running the United States Government.  They knew I told the truth.  They knew I couldn't be bought.  They knew I wouldn't bend.  They knew I wouldn't break.  They knew it was easier to murder my reputation first, then murder me and walk away and no one would care." Gil McDonald, Sr.


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