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PAGE 5 - The Neutrinos - Aliens - Orbs UFOs, The Alien Experience
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I know this 'cloaking' term sounds like something from the movies, but these UFOs do have that capability.  In my lifetime I have only seen seven UFOs but I have been fortunate enough to get many, many photos and some fairly good video shots of UFOs.  I'm including the low level, yellow, rectangular lights that I saw fly slowly by about 50' over my head in those seven UFOs.  I am including the 'Cruiser' which I saw but did not get a photo at the time of the sighting.  I have a flying 'Cruiser' in my video that matches the  'Cruiser' photos posted here.  I did not see the 'Freighter' that is in the photo on page one.  I found it in the digital photo later when I put them in the computer for examination.  I did see and photograph the one that I called the 'Shuttle Craft'.  (See page 8) It is posted on the following pages along with the details of its docking about 50 yards in front of me, its cloaking capabilities and the one time that I saw it depart the area.  I also saw a 'Mothership' in the summer of 1970.



By Jeannie Marie Robinson
I want to refer to a few lines from the Epilogue of the book "ALIENATED" by Jeanne Marie Robinson: 
"These strange beings appear to thrive on secrecy (as does our own government).  I have discovered that the aliens have very advanced technological abilities.  They can make persons, places, and things appear and disappear as if by magic.  At times they can control our thoughts and cause our bodies to respond in any way that suits their needs."
The book "Alienated" can be purchased from Greenleaf Publications, Murfreesboro, Tenneessee, 37133. 
Greenleaf Publications can be located on the internet. 

Enter the Neutrino Particle: Sub-Atomic in size the particle seems to have an extremely tiny electronic charge and almost no mass.  It passes thru solid material with almost no resistance.  First studied by scientist in the 1930s it was 1956 before the development of a testing method that would give enough information to form a theory.  The current year is 2010 and the study of the neutrino particles is still in its infancy.  There are a few brave souls who believe there actually exist a type of spirit being that has been referred to as Spirit, Ghost, Alien, etc.  A few of those have submitted their theory that these spirit creatures that pass thru solids such as walls, and stone, etc. might be creatures that are composed of neutrino particles whereas we and the world we know are composed of atoms.  So then the conclusion that their abilities and their metals and other developments would be quite new to us but could still be developed by humans and used by humans in our various endeavours.  The exciting part is that we might already have just a small iota of understanding concerning this phenomena and be capable of drawing the conclusion that it is not as para-normal as we tend to consider it.  It is also possible that those neutrinos could form into a mass that might or might not resemble a human or a blob with intelligence and perhaps the ability to assume other forms.  This planet and its occupants are bombarded with neutrinos from the sun and from various supernovas.  According to Wikipedia: more than 50 trillion solar electron neutrinos pass through the human body every second.  If they act as and can be used as the atom then they can be building blocks for ...?

Night time ORBs at the ABO
With Lighted Buildings in the Background-(C)Gil McDonald 2004



A digital photo of a dark night sky with only available lighting coming from the buildings below.  Many people have a theory that this type of light is caused by a reflection in the camera lens.  For years now I have been working on the theory that these lights are caused by the operating engine of the Alien UFO type ships.  I believe that is confirmed by the many photos that I have that show these types of lights.  I am absolutely positive that these ships can cloak as I actually saw the Alien Shuttle Craft cloak and then become visible again about five minutes later.  Most of my photos have been brightened, cropped and enlarged for better viewing. 
I have received many comments concerning the religious connection to these creatures and the 'Sign of the Times'.  Many feel that these creatures are plain and simple 'Demons' and a sign of the soon to come 'Rapture' of God's chosen elect to their eternal paradise.  Some say, 'Run and hide and let God take care of these things.'  Personally, I am confident that the Creator will take care of anything he wants to take care of whether I run and hide or stand in the midst of the conflict.  I don't sit back out of sight and wait for the Creator to mow my lawn.  When the prophet was hiding in the cave because King Ahab and the evil Queen Jezabell didn't like his preaching and were trying to kill him, his God told him to come out of that cave and get to work.  I have had some people to tell me to remove all of this from the internet and destroy it and all references to it and all photos or I will continue to suffer terrible persecution.  In some respects I am sure that is true.  Many have offered to pray for me and I do appreciate that.  I simply can not run and hide.  Many times I feel that I am not strong enough to continue the battle, and I do believe that this is a battle.  I have always loved people and no one has been my enemy until they have proven that they are my enemy.  The aliens were not my enemies until I saw some of them doing terrible things to creatures that may have been humans and even then I thought that there may be good and bad aliens as there are good and bad humans.  But as far as the non-believers and the messengers of hate and cruelty are concerned, I have often wondered if that is not produced by a form of mass hypnotic control.  When I see the bottom of the ship I named the 'Cruiser' I wonder if that image could cause masses of people to be hypmotized and convinced that there is no such thing as aliens or UFOs and to hate and automatically classify as insane anyone who says or thinks differently.  What are my current thoughts on the aliens in a religious context.  I believe that some of them do cruel things to humans and some of their works are demonic and they hide in the darkness of the night and they deceive humans in order to do things to them of which humans may or may not approve ; therefore, I simply can not say that I approve of all that they do and yet I can not run and hide.  I realize that everyone has their own opinions in this area and I invite your emails and comments.

The Retaining Wall below Tower #11 - The Pink Blob
was on the long ledge located almost four feet above the ground.

THE ALIEN REALITY is not the human reality.  When any UFO researcher / experiencer reports on the things they have seen the aliens or their ships actually do it simply does not fit in with the human understanding / logic.  We are locked into the laws of physics as we have seen them demostrated during our lifetime.  These same rules of physics tell us that a bumblebee cannot fly.  Yet we can see that it does.  When seeing the things that we believe the aliens are doing there is always the question if we are actually seeing these things or if it might be holograms or the aliens are manipulating our brain thru some chemical or physical process.  All of this remains to be explained but reporting on this phenomena without reporting all the information is like building you a car without 38% of the necessary parts.  Although some of the seemingly unimportant parts seem to detract from the overall picture there will be a place somewhere down the assembly line process that brings all these things together into an overall understandable, usable blueprint to show us how the alien mechanism is used to accomplish their purpose.  So they can bend time, warp space (distance), move thru what we call solids and manipulate humans and all of this gives us a garbled blueprint that we need to turn into something that we can understand.  All the parts must be present and finally, all the parts must be in the proper arrangement with the proper connection.  Some of these parts may seem gross and ugly to our human sensitivites but they are a necessary part.  The assembly line contains a lot of people and machines that do not know how to put all the parts together into something that makes sense, something that works for the human mind.  But each person and machine must do their job completely and fully or the overall blueprint will never be understood even by the finest of human or computer brains.  So, if you can't believe or understand what I photograph or see or write, please allow me the opportunity to place every important part on the assembly line so it will be there when needed.  After all, I'm doing this for your wellfare, your children's wellfare and hopefully the benefit of this planet which has given me such a wonderful home for so many years. 

Informant News UFO

Is this the fulfillment of Revelations? 

For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of our Lord's return.  Men will be worshipers of their own self and filled with hatred for God's goodness.

"I consider it both an honor and an insult that I have been murdered by the insane killers who are currently running the United States Government.  They knew I told the truth.  They knew I couldn't be bought.  They knew I wouldn't bend.  They knew I wouldn't break.  They knew it was easier to murder my reputation first, then murder me and walk away and no one would care." Gil McDonald, Sr.


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