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ORBs are an Intelligent Life Form.

During the month of April, 2009, while I was grocery shopping at a WalMart store in Columbia, Missouri, I saw a woman that I recognized as the same woman the Captain had used in the compromizing video that he used to reference all of my body scars and discolorations so he could disguise one of his actors to resemble me and use him in the porn videos that he makes.  I had also seen this woman acting as an investigator and pretending to be a medical person a few times when I had medical appointments with dentist or doctors.  She was pretending to be a graduate medical student when I had an appointment to see a Dr. for treatment of some skin cancers on my face.  I never gave any sign that I recognized her.  I saw this woman again in the summer of 2010.  She was driving a gold colored car on Dee Woods Dr. in Ashland, Missouri.  Her front seat passenger was Capt. John King of the FTFC.  I don't know their relationship but she definately works for him and she looks like a thirty year old clone of his mother.  She is a small built person and usually wears a fat suit under her clothing as well as a different wig and makeup each time to disguise her appearance. 
The person with her in the grocery store did not get much of my attention during this sighting but I gave her a lot of thought after that.  That person looked like a strangely weak and frail individual wearing female clothing consisting of black slacks with a wide belt and a long sleeved white blouse with the collar turned up.  She seemed to be very thin.  The face could have been either male or female with almost natural color and the skin(?) seemed to be perfectly smooth with no imperfections.  Recently I read where some experiencers are referring to faces that look like plastic.  I would say that it looked like it was a mix of rubber and latex and plastic.  It doesn't quite look like natural skin.  I saw no change of expression nor any attempt to speak.  The facial features were longer and more angular than it would normally be for a female and the head with a long squared jaw was too large for the body on which it was sitting.  She wasn't doing any talking.  The look on her face and the way she held her arms and hands made it look as if this was her first time in a grocery store.  Her hands also seemed to be too large and long for the body to which they were attached.  Her fingers were held straight with the thumbs alongside.  Not in the relaxed curl that is normal for humans.  Her actions were similar to that of a mime.  I didn't take a close look at her eyes but when I searched my recall I remembered they were small black eyes that seem to set deeper in the face than is normal for a human.  Her age could have been anywhere between 15 and 35 in human years.  She was about five feet tall with platinum gray short hair that was swept back.  I later wondered: Could this have been a hybrid?  Or, is this more of the gov. brain game.  Could this creature have been a skinny human dressed and disguised to look like an alien to match art work of the human looking aliens seen by Travis Walton during his abduction and artfully demonstrated in his book, "Fire in the Sky  The Walton Experience"? 
I have concluded that this was a fake alien and that means that the gov. agency that is working to destroy my reptuation is getting desperate and trying to trick me into some kind of public display that would create an impression in the mind of the public that I am mentally unstable and therefore nothing I might say or photograph could be believed.  After long consideration I am convinced that this alien thing at the grocery store was a total hoax.  This is just a small part of the great experiment taking place where the gov. picks certain people who meet the experiment criteria to control the general public and lessen resistance to any future action the gov. might take against the people.  Thus the (Captain) gov. agent who injected me with diseased material while posing as a Dr., thus the person who deliberately rammed my vehicle (in a parking lot) just to make his captain (agent) happy, (and the subsequent dent in the same area the following month [while it was parked & I was in the restaurant] and the third small dent in the same area the following month [while it was parked & I was in a movie]) and so the large group of local longue participants and brain dead addicts who hang on every word of their agent leader and the porn videos he makes for them to view while they hang on to continue to seize any opportunity to cause  more damage.
Since then WalMart has further participated in these scams by allowing their clerks to run short change scams on the targets, to replace safe merchandise with explosive items and even keep a piece of merchandise after the target customer had paid for it. 
The reasoning behind all of this damage and this type of public display is to cause  "The Destruction of Credibility" and the sooner rather than later death of the target.  Research the term 'Black Ops" on the internet to discover it's meaning and the power of "Black Ops" to influence the average person's mind into the government controlled brain game. This is the repeated occurance of what would normally be a small agravating circumstance that occurs only occasionally and therefore not a problem; however, when used in the "DoC" program it is deliberately caused to happen in a frequently repeated pattern over a period of a few months, such as: dents in a vehicle, destruction of the home air conditioning (and noticing about a year later that the damage had been repaired - these items that are disabled are not supposed to show any damage as the general public is supposed to see only a [target} person with a mental problem),  sabotage of chain saws, refigerator, freezer, two TVs, three DVD players, computers, cameras, other electronics, firearms, tools, locks, roof leaks, over-charges for vehicle repairs, vehicle brake drum replacements (because of 'rust' that was caused by "Acid"?), vehicle exhaust system (more acid damage), exagerated bad attitudes by others,  ugly accusations and rumors, abnormal exagerated ugly looks from others, pets poisoned, problems with neighbors, etc. all in a period of only a few months.  Then it starts over and/or extends into other areas such as the bank, the school, the mail service, home and auto insurance, property taxes and on and on.  The entire package is called "Gang Stalking" by the targeted citizen.  You can research it on the internet under that term.  You can easily be the targeted vicitm of "Gang Stalking" by gov. agents and operatives and not even know it --Yet.   It has a purpose and a reason.  It is a gov. developed mind control program (developed by the CIA over the past 70 years) that is designed to make the target subject look crazy to the general public and destroy the target's credibility and his way of life, and not just him, but many other innocent persons are also destroyed by this attack on the mind of anyone involved.  Those who take part are Store Clerks at Sam's and Walmarts, Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement Officers, Locksmiths, US Post Office Letter Carriers, Politicians, Preachers, Phone Co. Employees, Mechanics, Clerks, Managers, Maids, X-cons, Drug Addicts,  Neighbors and even family members are all taking part in the Gang Stalking.  
There are Churches, Lodges, Clubs, Stores, and some members of just about all businesses & social groups that take part and those groups will eventually be destroyed by their participation in this "Gang Stalking" program.  The gov. is sending its Agents Provocateurs into churches, lodges and all other organazations in a sting operation to get members involved in the agents Domestic Terrorism activites against American citizens. They are keeping records and videos of all conversations, meetings and actions with names addresses and photos of the participants.  At the end of  2012 they are shutting down some of these organizations based on the evidence that is being produced by these agents and will be used to prove these churches, lodges, etc. are terrorist organizations. Homeland Security has already published documents stating that churches are Domestic Terrorist organizations and their members are potential terrorist.  They hope this terroristic harassment will produce Domestic Terrorist as they have constantly warned us that such attacks are a real problem in our country.  The membership of these organizations and their families will be imprisoned, their children will become wards of the government, their property will be confiscated and the old, the useless and handicaped will probably be euthanized.
The Crime of Domestic Terrorism:
Most people don't even realize the modern definition of Domestic Terrorism.  The CIA is Black Ops and Dirty Tricks.  The Agency was created to kill.  They also specialize in mind control.  70 years of research has produced an efficient killing machine.  They kill governments of other countries. They kill people, even presidents.  They sometime kill animals just to make some person feel bad.  That is mind control.  They can even make the death of a person look like a suicide, or an accident or death by natural causes and local law enforcement will be given instructions that they are not to question the apparent circumstances of the death.  In a few cases they make it look like an outright assassination depending on whose minds they are trying to control.  The Agency Charter clearly specifies that the CIA can not operate on American soil.  The fact that they do carry out missions on American soil and against American citizens make the CIA a criminal organization and the people who work for the CIA are criminals.  The CIA is currently the agency given responsibility for controling public knowledge of the UFO situation.  Everything they do is Terrorism.  So the agency controlls the flow of UFO knowledge by 'killing the messenger' and they use their operatives to help them accomplish that task.  Manufacturing a fake porn video and claiming their target is one of the actors in the porn video is Domestic Terrorism.  Placing acid on the brakes of a vehicle is Domestic Terrorism.  Placing acid on the vehicle exhaust system is Domestic Terrorism.  Placing chemicals in food in an attempt to sicken anyone who eats the food is Domestic Terrorism.  Making false accusations against an individual is Domestic Terrorism.  Pretending to be a doctor and injecting people with diseased bio-logical materials is Domestic Terrorism.  Any citizen that is having an argument or being angry can be interpeted as a Domestic Terrorist.  Any citizen disagreeing with the government can be interpeted as a Domestic Terrorist.  Most of the things that were once considered a practical joke are now considered as Domestic Terrorism.  A person who is thought to be a Domestic Terrorist can be arrested and put in prison for the rest of their life without ever being charged with a crime and without ever having a trial and that person can be worked like a slave.  That person's property can be confiscated by the government and that person's children can be taken and controlled and educated by the government.  People who think they are a Government Operative can be charged with Domestic Terrorism and put in prison for doing what the government hired them to do and paid them to do.  This thing of theirs is not a joke.  It is a technique to give the government a valid reason to place tens of thousands of people in prison even tho the person they are accusing was an employee of the government and following the orders of the government when they committed the act that the government is later calling a crime of Domestic Terrorism.  Since its creation the Department of Homeland Security has been staffed with more than 160,000 people and most of these agents came with a transfer directly from the C.I.A. 
 There will be no organized resistance to anything the government wants to take from an individual or from the general public while America is being moved into the New World Order.  While our country, our rights and our freedoms are being surendered to some rich European dictators the citizens are being distracted by concentrating on what is happening in an individual's life and are totally oblivious to what is happening on the National and Inter-National level.  In the meantime the entire planet is making massive changes.  But, you came here to read about "UFOs" and "ALIENs", not to read about "Targeted Individuals" or "Gang Stalking" or the "Destruction of Credibility" or The New World Order or the murder of one isolated UFO researcher.  At least it is done so that it seems to you that it is only one person being eliminated, but it is one person at a time all over the country and all over the planet.  In this one country alone there are many thousands of people who are being squeezed out just one person at a time.  Unfortunately, in America, these elements are being forced together in a mold of solid metal.  If you are going to learn of, or have the UFO experience, you will be forced to learn about the rest of the overall experience.  In the near future many more people are going to learn of the experience whether they want to, or not. This is a massive continuing government experiment.  It is going on all over this country.  The use of bio-weapons is paramount.  Some Targeted Individuals have moved to different states three times or more, and even to different countries.  They say the Stalking and Harassment activities continued.  You may think that can not be possible but our country does have agencies that can do that in any country to which we could move.  That does mean that the information we have is much more important than we had thought, but that one, isolated, targeted individual is going to have a difficult survival struggle.
"The young wolves are being taught how to chase down the old, the weak and those without the will to survive.  They learn the thrill of the chase, the reward of the taste of blood, the sweet sleep of a full belly and how to sharpen their teeth as they gnaw on the bones of their victims."

ORBs, - An intelligent life form @ the
Cole County Fair 2003 - Click to enlarge


ORBs (an intelligent life form)
In the hallway - Click to enlarge


ORBs - An intelligent life form
Near the Alien Base of Operations. Click to enlarge

2003 ORBs an intelligent life form
In the home of an acquaintance - Click to enlarge

Jefferson City Rod - one block away from the
Cole County Court House and headed in that direction

The Unidentified Flying Object above is a strange one indeed.  When I first saw this on my video I had never before seen one like it and was reluctant to put it on the website because I had never heard of it.  During my research I learned that Jose Escamilla has photographed many of these and he calls them "Rods".  They have also been called "J-Rods" because they sometime bend at one end to form a "J".  Some researchers believe this type might actually be a living creature or at least a "nano" type machine.  At first I was thinking of calling this a spine ship because it seems to vaguely resemble the human spine but overall I think that "Rods" is probably a better name for this type.  Some people have a theory that this is an image of a living creature.  Others think it may be a nano-craft, part living material and part metal machinery.  And some people say that it is simply an insect flying and is photographed with a slow shutter speed as is used for low light photography.  Supposedly the slow shutter speed stretches out the one insect to look as if it is fifty yards long.  As you can see it is hard to describe.  This showed in a video that I was making in the summer of 2005 in Jefferson City, MO.  I was only one block away from the Cole County Court House when this thing flew into the camera's field of view directly overhead at about 100+ feet above ground.  It appears to be approximately 50 yards (150') long.  As it progresses toward the court house it changes shape by curling and bending in different places but it's direction remains the same.  The speed seemed to be about 30 miles per hour.  If you have any thoughts on the purpose for this please let me know what you think.  Thanks

1999 Ten yard view to two gate with orbs and
Shuttle Craft showing - Click to enlarge

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Is this the fulfillment of Revelations? 

For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of our Lord's return.  Men will be worshipers of their own self and filled with hatred for God's goodness.

"I consider it both an honor and an insult that I have been murdered by the insane killers who are currently running the United States Government.  They knew I told the truth.  They knew I couldn't be bought.  They knew I wouldn't bend.  They knew I wouldn't break.  They knew it was easier to murder my reputation first, then murder me and walk away and no one would care." Gil McDonald, Sr.


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